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1 The Southern Baptist Convention’s Family Life Council

Southern Baptist Council on Family Life report to Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention (2002)

Study Findings:  88% of the children in evangelical homes leave church at the age of 18

2 Why Christian Kids Leave the Faith

Tom Bisset, Discovery House Publishers (1997)

Book Findings: In this study, Tom Bisset interviewed people and asked them when, why, and how they abandoned their faith. He identified four prominent reasons:

  1. They left because they had troubling, unanswered questions about the faith.
  2. They left because their faith was not “working” for them.
  3. They left because they allowed other things to take priority.
  4. They left because they never personally owned their faith.

3 Pinetops Foundation (2019)

Study Findings: Pinetops Foundation and The Veritas Forum examined various report and survey data on the millennial perspective of faith and found the following:

About 35 million youths raised in Christian homes will depart from their faith over the next 30 years. In fact, the number of young people leaving the church could reach 42 million


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