31 Fun & Inexpensive

Holiday Activities for Families


It’s easy to get swept away in the busy-ness of the holiday season and miss out on the little moments with our kids. Before you know it, those opportunities will be gone and they will be making memories with their own families.

So, one of the ways I make the most of the holiday season with my kids is by making a holiday bucket list as a family. We write down all the little activities we want to enjoy throughout the month of December, and then we focus on one activity each day.

A few years ago, I created a fun daily activity chain, and it was so much fun putting it together and tearing off a chain link each day as we did whatever activity was listed.

This has become one of my kids’ favorite traditions and I want to share it with your family too!

You can create your own paper chain using the ideas listed below, or you can grab the free printable Fun Family Holiday Bundle Pack if you enjoy cute printables {it’s my gift to you!}.

I included 31 days of activities so you can pick and choose the ones that work best for your family, and if you want to continue on into the new year–or start after Thanksgiving, you have that flexibility as well!

Discover 31 Fun & Inexpensive Holiday Activities for Families


These are simple, inexpensive ways to make fun memories with your family this year!


31 Fun Holiday Activities for Your Family

  1. Bake cookies or make another holiday treat (Here are a few of my Favorite Holiday Recipes)
  2. Make paper snowflakes (or crystal snowflakes)
  3. Create holiday cards
  4. Build a snowman (use cotton balls & pinecones, paper, cookies, or take turns dressing each other like a snowman if you don’t have snow near you) You can also make snowman treats.
  5. Trim a tree (your tree, a mini tree, coloring page, or outdoor trees all work)
  6. Build a gingerbread house (Or Try this Gingerbread Nativity Idea)
  7. Watch a holiday movie marathon 
  8. Roast marshmallows
  9. Donate gently used toys and clothes
  10. Make ornaments (Twine Wrapped Candy Canes)
  11. Family sleepover by the Christmas tree
  12. Attend a holiday museum exhibit
  13. Make chocolate covered holiday pretzels
  14. Construct paper stockings (construction paper, hole punch, string)
  15. Make popcorn balls
  16. Holiday lights parade (Grab my Christmas Lights BINGO cards for added fun)
  17. Volunteer to serve somewhere in your community
  18. Door decorating contest
  19. Make a plate of treats for neighbors
  20. Go Christmas caroling
  21. Secret Santa (give a gift to someone-participate in shoeboxes, angel tree, or other program to bless a local family)
  22. Hot cocoa bar
  23. Christmas coloring pages or (try this Christmas Nativity Coloring/Craft idea)
  24. Have a marshmallow fight
  25. Christmas Song Dance Party
  26. Make gifts for the homeless (socks, gloves, toiletries, snacks, wipes, encouraging note, etc.)
  27. Parents’ choice – do whatever activity you decide that day
  28. Kids’ choice – do whatever activity the kids decide that day
  29. Make holiday gifts (handmade gifts are the best! Craft stores have tons of inexpensive ideas like photo frames, ornaments, home décor, etc.)
  30. Pajama party game night
  31. Christmas craft day (Elves & Shoemaker Craft, Woven Placemats Paper Roll Crafts)


FREE Fun Family Holiday Activity Bundle

For even more fun this holiday season, use this free printable bundle pack to create fall & holiday-themed bucket lists, track daily holiday activities on the calendars, and make an adorable paper chain to help you count down the days until Christmas with simple and meaningful daily activities to build lasting memories without breaking the bank.

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